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What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence or intimate partner violence is a pattern of abusive or coercive behaviors that may include, but are not limited to:

•physical assaults

•verbal abuse

•economic abuse

•emotional abuse

•sexual abuse


•threat or harm

These behaviors are used by one individual to exert power or control over another individual in the context of a family or intimate relationship. This includes relationships such as dating between people who do not live together, parent/child (child or elder abuse/neglect) and persons in same-sex relationships. Overwhelmingly, intimate partner violence is perpetrated by men against women, but studies show that men are victims too.

Are You a Victim?

 How Is Your Relationship?  Does your partner:

    Verbally insult, demean or threaten you?

    Isolate you from friends, family or other people? Do they become excessively jealous, possessive and/or angry in an attempt to control you?

    Organize schedules to follow or harass you?

    Limit your mobility, access to money and other resources or track your social media?

    Explode into a rage and abusive behaviors without using, or after using drugs and/or alcohol?

      Negate your words, abilities, ideas and actions?

    Choke, punch, slap, kick, pull hair, bite, throw things, abuse or damage your personal       belongings or force you to have sex?

    Excuse each attack and promise to stop?

If you answered "yes" to some of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship.

However, you are not alone. Whether you need information, support, or a safe place to stay, there are people who can help.

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